Of Course these were some very strong words imprinted in our brains by the One the Only: Carrie Bradshaw!

Saturday, 30 April 2011

"The Royal Wedding"

Highlights and Pictures of the Royal Wedding.

It's Official... The New Duke and Duchess of Cambridge
This was one sight I was really happy to see...next too of course the first shots of Kate exiting that shiny Rolls Royce in her gown.  But this shot of Prince William and Prince Harry, Happy! The last picture I remember of them together was at their mothers funeral at Westminster Abbey as that was a much younger William and Harry looking somber.  This Photo is one Diana would have blushed at... Her two grown boys looking dapper in their coat of arms.

- Prince William wore the uniform of Colonel of the Irish Guards. He is commissioned in all three armed services.
-And the best man, his brother Prince Harry,wore the uniform of Captain of the Household Cavalry, also called the Blues and Royals.

-Kate Middleton wearing a dress designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen's fashion house.
The dress was very reminiscent of Grace Kelly's gown when she married Prince Rainer of Monaco in 1956.

-This dress was a perfect choice for Kate...The look didn't blow me away at first but after admiring it for hours, this dress was a stunning and fitting look on her. I would say "Perfection".

-Kate Middleton's "Something Borrowed": For her wedding with Prince William, Kate paired her gorgeous Alexander McQueen wedding dress with a tiara made by Cartier. Loaned to her by Queen Elizabeth II,the sparkling Cartier tiara is known amongst the Royal Family as the "Halo" tiara.

-Kate Middleton’s "Something New": The sparkling Cartier-designed “Halo” tiara, matched Kate’s teardrop diamond earrings perfectly, which were a personal gift from her parents.The diamond earrings were created for her by jeweler Robinson Pelham and were designed to complement the tiara, as well as to reference the Middleton family’s new coat of arms.

 -Kate Middleton's "Something Blue": Was a blue ribbon sewn onto the inside of her dress.- And of course her hair, half up half down. I was having a conversation with my BF's mom and she was asking my thought's on how Kate would wear her hair and I said, I hope half up half down.  Perfect Choice.

 - Breathless!!!
- Kate changed into her reception gown again designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen's fashion house. I am in love with "sweetheart" neck lines on wedding gowns...of course I had a "sweetheart" neckline on my gown when I married my now ex-husband...but that dress, oh that dress was the best part :)
 - Kate also had a "sweetheart" neckline in her first gown with a lace overlay, beautiful!!!
-Pippa Middleton(Maid Of Honor)...Well Hello Pippa!!! - Pippa Paparazzi is what she is now being called...I can see why :)
-Pippa Middleton is wearing an emerald green sleeveless dress with a plunging neckline designer by- Alice Temperley.

-HAT'S, HAT'S and more HAT'S

-Princess Eugenie in Vivienne Westwood
-Princess Beatrice in Valentino Couture
>They look a little more "Wicked Stepsister-ish"...But whatever their "Princesses"

-A Dapper looking Becks (Who wore his metal on the wrong side) and a preggers Victoria Beckham entering the Westminster Abbey.

-And the best hat award goes to: LADY FREDERICK WINDSOR Born Sophie Winkleman, the daughter-in-law of the Duke and Duchess of Kent.

-No, these 3 hot blondes aren't "Hugh Hefner's" girls...They are the nieces of the late Princess Diana, Earl Spencer's 3 daughters : Kitty 20,and twins Eliza and Katya 18.

- The newly wed's sealed it with a kiss on the balcony at Buckingham Palace as there is no kissing permitted in the Abbey.

-And they happily drive off in Prince Charles Aston Martin, To live Happily ever after...THE END! :

Thursday, 28 April 2011

"William and Kate"

The Royal Wedding And Remembrance Of Our Beloved Princess Diana

The one person who will be missed dearly at her son Williams wedding to Kate Middleton, is Princess Diana herself...Princess Diana's spirit will certainly be felt throughout Westminster Abbey, as she herself took her own, Prince (Prince Charles) as her husband there in 1981. In a horrible turn of events Diana, this gifted, giving, loving woman,  was also sadly and ironically mourned and remembered in Westminster abbey.  After Diana's tragic death on August 31,1997 we watched as her two little boys carried on throughout their lives and that vision of them preceding behind their mothers casket with their heads down, struggling with their emotions past hundreds of thousands of people, that is a sight I will never forget...I was glued to the television that September afternoon with my beloved grandma by my side as we watched the emotional service of the late Diana (Princess of Wales). 
Prince William 15, Prince Harry 12
After Princess Diana’s tragic death, the former Prime Minister John Major, who was appointed guardian to Prince William and Prince Harry will be in attendance, as well as Princess Diana’s brother Earl Spencer and other members of her family. Elton John, who sang at Diana’s funeral and was very close with Diana and the boys, as they would referred to him as "Uncle Elton" will also be in attendance at the 2011 Royal Wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton.
Princess Diana comforts rock star Elton John at the 1997 memorial for slain fashion designer Gianni Versace 2 months before her own untimely passing.

Princess Diana and baby Prince William
Diana holds baby William, born June 21, 1982, in her arms during his Aug. 4, 1982 christening. 
Apr 21, 2011 Prince William took his bride-to-be Kate Middleton on an emotional visit to his mother Princess Diana's tomb days before the royal wedding.

Prince William popped the question to Kate Middleton using Princess Diana's 18 carat diamond and sapphire engagement ring. The ring has huge emotional significance for William as his iconic mother, chose it after she got engaged to Prince Charles in 1981. 

'It is very special to me,' William said about his choice of rings 'It was my way to make sure my mother did not miss out on today. 

Prince William's homage to his mother highlights the close relationship he had with the late Diana -- a bond that will never be broken and a shadow from which Kate Middleton will never escape. 

No one was more surprised than Kate Middleton when Prince William gave her Princess Diana's oval sapphire engagement ring... Why? Because it was actually Prince Harry, who received it after his beloved mother died.
Following their mother's tragic death in 1997, Prince Charles took Harry and William to visit Kensington Palace, Diana's home, where they selected mementos from their mom’s possessions. Prince Harry chose the ring and Prince William chose Diana's 18K yellow gold Cartier Tank Francaise watch that she used to teach him the time.

Harry was happy to give the ring to his brother. "He loves William and thinks it's only right that one day the woman sitting next to the King will be wearing his mother's ring. That's the way Diana would have wanted it."

The ring, a 18 carat sapphire surrounded by 14 rounds of diamonds set in 18k of white gold, cost over $40,000 or ($65,000 as some have stated) when Prince Charles purchased it back in 1981. Of course, now because of its association with Diana, the magnificent piece of jewelry is considered priceless.

The Happy Couple

Wills and Kate are Finally making it Official 1 more sleep, till we get to witness the $30million plus, wedding of our future King to his Princess. These two have had their trials and tribulations throughout their 10 year courtship and are defiantly in a different place in their relationship then Diana and Charles as it has been stated Diana and Charles only dated 14 times before she accepted his proposal. Kate is an older woman at age 29 to William who is 28...Where Diana was 20 to Charles who was 32 when they got married.

I will be brewing my tea putting out my biscuits and setting out my floppy hat for the big event!

Enjoy, and of course I will be blogging about who designed her gown and what earrings she decided on and how she wore her hair...as we are all dying to know!  Can't wait.

Beautiful Diana and her boys.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

"Candy Colored Denim"

"Candy Colored Denim"

1.  Skinny-Bright Turquoise, $155
: Rag & Bone.com
2.  MOTO Coral Jamie Ultimate Skinny Jeans, $80
: TopShop.com
3.  J Brand 811 Mid-Rise Twill Cropped Skinny Jeans, $175
: net-a-porter.com
4.  J Brand811 Skinny Bright Fushia Jeans, $175
: net-a porter.com

The colored denim trend has continued to be a part of Spring/Summer trends for the past few years… and for some reason this year it has come back in full force.

And with that being said, I’m pulling out my “Deep Purple” skinny jeans and pairing them with some gladiators or flats with a cute white “V” neck tee... and why not add my “Alexander McQueen Skull Scarf" I'm bringing it all out this time around, and I gotta say I'm pretty excited.

- Wear the colored jean trend for a casual day look, or glam them up for an evening out!

This particular "McQueen Skull Scarf "would look great with white jeans.
And I love the scarf head band look... I've always been a fan.

Kim's, McQueen scarf is a little thicker material as mine and Nicole's are made of the lightweight sheer material...Perfect for warmer weather.

-"Royal Blue & Red Denim": Are the popular colors to choose if your thinking of trying this trend...But any color will do as it's truly your own personal style and personal detail add on's that will make your look, rock!

  1. Khloe Kardashian: Rag & Bone, Royal Blue Skinny Jeans
  2. Kim Kardashian: J Brand 811, Royal Blue Skinny Jeans
  3. Malin Akerman: Rag & Bone, Royal Blue Skinny Jeans

Red Denim"

Cheryl Cole in Citizens Of Humanity Denim

Rag & Bone Denim
: Holt Renfrew

Check out: Urban Outfitter, Forever21, and H&M for these trendy colored jeans at a more reasonable price, if your worried about dropping a certain amount of cash on a trend that may be on the outs... by 2012?

Anyway, regardless it's just the beginning of spring, so enjoy your "Colored Denim" for the next 4 months at least :)

Friday, 22 April 2011



- And if you don’t believe me the Mortel Sheepskin Factory has been making UGG boots since 1958, with Frank Mortel claiming he named them "UGG Boots" after his wife commented that the first pair he made were "Ugly."  

I know it’s almost Summer…But I was just walking the streets of Downtown Vancouver and wanted to get UGG – Rageous on this sloppy unfashionable foot wear that a lot of girls/women thought they could just throw on their feet and not come across as “lazy”…I mean honestly what happened to putting on a pair of leather walking boots?

-My Personal Opinion: I couldn’t even say that there was ever a time or place for these things. Ok there definitely is a place and it’s in the garbage!  And the only other place, I have ever thought that these shoes could make an appearance is up at a Ski Destination like Whistler say in the Mallard Lounge @ the Fairmont lounging around the fire and having some cocktails…That’s it! 

I know a lot of you are gasping at my defamation of your beloved UGG boot’s but to be honest they are just tragic pieces of footwear …I have asked myself over the years why do people think these look good on them??? They are wide and bulky and unflattering to the shape of your leg… they are the sloppiest piece of footwear a person could own.  The heels always loose shape and end up dragging on the ground and they definitely aren’t weather proof…so again I ask myself why? Oh right because their comfy…so are my slippers and housecoat but I’m not going to parade them down Robson St… (Just Saying)

All wrong!

My Personal thought for people choosing to wear UGG boots fall’s under my “T” rule
-Toddlers to Teens… After seeing these photos of “teens” parading around in their favorite choice of footwear you may need to think twice before you put yours on again. Or don’t think. Just don’t do it.

And if you’re thinking…Oh No She Didn’t?!...That Bitch just “Shoe-Shamed Me?”  Yes, I’m sorry, but I did.

Typical Sight.

Honestly "Teens" shouldn't even wear these things!

Not even Mid-Age women...all wrong!
I'm Thinking you may be getting the point???
I know that Celebrities do wear these boots but it's usually, walking between their trailers and their sets...and even then they are just a go to choice for them, because they need slipper like shoes to wear with outdoor soles.  But if your, Britney Spears it's an "UGG" life world...

Hot Look Brit...?!
And, yes some Celebrities also sport this unflattering footwear on the streets as their lazy go to look as well...And "Voila" same results!

Olivia Wilde: UGG ,No, No... also your shirt is a little short and your frontal wedge is a Double, No,No.
Credits to: Anthea Helmsing :)
Blake Lively

Sarah Jessica Parker : Clearly wearing her Ugg boots on set
Megan Fox : Faux Pas...(Thick Legs)
Hilary Duff : Let's Just say taking her dog to the vet...She was in a rush!
Vanessa Minnillo : Just Wrong!
Penelope Cruz : Because the boots were a clear choice to pair with her vest???
I will not deny that this outfit may just work...it's the vision I had of UGG boots making their appearance in the lounge on the ski hill.
: But again I suspect she is on "Set"
- Note: This is also Jennifer Aniston she can do whatever she wants...
If you were married to "Brad Pitt" at one point you could do what ever you wanted as well!
But your not and have never been...Not that I personally would care to be...but that's beside the point. :)

- So to all my Friends who are like oh no... I wear UGG'S? It's Ok, I care for you, not your shoes.
And last but not least I do have to give credit to, Cheree Fawcett the only person to date who wears her's "To and From" and wears them appropriately!

-Note : "To and From" doesn't mean I wore them "To and From" the mall or downtown.
"To and From" means I wore them from my house to my car to her house to my car and then home!

Thanks for reading my "UGG RANT"...like my opinion really matters...but I needed to share!

I Swear On CHANEL :)

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

"Luv It Boutique"

This was a great day @ Luv It Boutique needless to say we were all pretty excited to “Showcase” the clothing.

Luv It Boutique owner, Melissa Robinson a former Hair stylist from Edmonton moved to Victoria with slightly different aspirations in mind. Just under a year ago Luv It Boutique switched hands and Melissa became the New Boutique Owner. Her vision of how she has pictured her “Boutique” is evolving every month or so as more and more pieces she scouts out make their way into her shop.  One thing that set’s her apart from the rest is being a lone carrier of “Lipsy London, OTR Denim & Rebel Yell” as all three are exclusive to Luv It Boutique.  
-Lipsy is a London fashion brand producing unique, feminine & glamorous collections for every woman.  Lipsy London is also known for their girlie, party dresses but also carry more “edgier “pieces like leather motorcycle jackets with studs etc…

Top Left: Taylor Swift
Top Right: Kendra Wilkinson
And Stephanie Pratt In Lipsy London
 -Rebel Yell is a designer out of LA that has a huge celebrity following and "Luv It Boutique" carries many different T- Shirts and a couple Maxi Dresses from the designer as well.

-Audrina Patridge In Rebel Yell...The exact shirt "Luv It" Carries that we put our Model Emma in for shoot day.

- OTR Denim
- Rebel Yell 1978 Tee
- Lipsy London Leather Jacket
- Report Bowie Wedge Booties
- Locally Made Feather Earrings

- Model : Emma Chambers
- Photographer : Curtis Pelletier

-This next look is a Lipsy London Dress that would be perfect for a "Hot" Date Night...Or even Date Night with the Girls!

- Lipsy London: Galactic Body Dress
- Jeweled Bib Necklace
- Black Strappy Pumps

- Model : Emma Chambers
- Photographer : Curtis Pelletier

-When I saw this next Dress I fell in Love... it needed to be Photographed for sure.  This dress is a must have in your closet a clear choice of a "Girlie Dressy Dress".

- Lipsy London Angel Wings Dress
- Retro Gold Bootie
- Silver Jewelry Cuff

- Model : Emma Chambers
- Photographer : Curtis Pelletier

-Melissa and I had a lot of fun pulling the clothing for the photos as I was able to put my “Eye” for fashion to the test. A look I have been very partial to is the "Harem pants" and "Crop Top" look... as I feel this look can be worn all wrong. The key to a good pair of "Harem Pants" is to not have them too baggy like MC Hammer Pants, but to have them more fitted with a high fitted waist worn just at or above the belly button, especially if you were to pair the pants with a crop top as this look would be more flattering. 

- Cotton Harem Pant with pockets
- Crop Top
- Over Sized Clutch
- Report Slate Gladiator Sandal

- Model : Emma Chambers
- Photographer : Curtis Pelletier

- I actually really have a new opinion about this look and I'm totally feeling it... it's very "Carrie Bradshaw"... A day on the streets of New York.  And I have to thank Emma for being up to the challenge of putting herself in an outfit that may be a little too fashion forward for some.  Once I pulled this look that I have seen in many magazines as of recently and Emma was game, we were all shocked that it actually looked really good! It was a great way to end our afternoon of playing dress up.

- So a big Thank- You to  Melissa Robinson the Owner Of "Luv It Boutique" for letting us come in and Showcase her Boutique!  It truly is a Candy Shop for grown ups!!!
-Luv It Boutique: Suite 104, 561 Johnson St. Victoria BC

-And there wouldn't be any Photo's to post if it wasn't for Curtis Pelletier Of Curtis Pelletier Photography  for taking time out of his afternoon to join us girls on this fun adventure! 

Thank You,
- Melissa Robinson
- Emma Chambers
- Curtis Pelletier

A Behind the Scenes Of Me Playing Stylist
Luv It Boutique!

-If you hadn't noticed...I haven't put prices next to the pieces of clothing we showcased... :)
You will have to pop into Luv It and see Melissa, she's the sweetest thing.
-So Enjoy Shopping!!!